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SIDEBOARD         That piece of furniture where our Grandmother kept everything for us to set our table where we enjoyed her lovingly prepared homemade meals. Today we share that tradition in a casual unpretentious atmosphere where you can still find everything on the sideboard to set your table.

NEIGHBORHOOD       Our village within a village where we live and or work. The safe haven where the social network and community can realize common values.

KITCHEN                 Where our rustic comfort food is prepared from scratch using local natural, organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from the farmers, ranchers and purveyors who share our passion and vision.

& COFFEE BAR         Where we meet our family and friends and enjoy homemade pastries, hand crafted beverages using coffee beans from our artisan coffee roaster friends and talk about how to save the world.

WOAH! Look what you can do! Print our Sideboard Kids Coloring Pages at home!